Unsolicited Applications Inserm Transfert

Working with Inserm Transfert involves supporting the transfer of human health innovation in economic, clinical and societal terms by incorporating a dynamic expert company of a human scale.

This also means engaging with a company which is developing its expertise both in France and internationally.

Finally, the INSERM department is the first European biomedical research body and the only French public research organisation to be wholly dedicated to human health, ranked in the 10 top worldwide research bodies for innovation in 2016 and 2017*.

Inserm Transfert implements a Human Resources policy which is designed to support workers in constructing and enriching their occupational pathway. It directs them towards ambitious projects in a relaxed and friendly work environment in which each worker is able to bring his/her contribution and develop both as an individual person and as a team player.

We regularly recruit qualified experts in business/health law, patent engineers, patent assistants, business development managers, project leads for constructing collaborative and/or scientific projects …

Please refer to our employment offers or send us your application. We will examine it very carefully.

*Classification produced by Thomson-Reuters, based on the year 2015 and the year 2016 concerning the “25 public institutions which contribute most to advanced science and technology throughout the world”.



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