Marketing & Industrial Partnerships (MPI)

The MPI team has several functions, but works particularly with the companies.

Its role is to study the industrial, technological panorama of Inserm’s strategic subjects and depending on the results, to position Inserm Transfert’s different innovations on the market. The team is also involved in negotiation with companies and in setting up licensing agreements and public/private projects and partnerships.

Maturation & Development Assessment

In conjunction with researchers or companies our specialists work towards project development in order to increase their maturity or their value. Inserm has provided us with a maturation package which we invest in high potential projects. We are also involved in finding other sources of funding for project development.

Intellectual Protection & Institutional Partnerships & Consortium Agreement

Inserm Transfert experts are in almost permanent contact with Inserm researchers. Their aim is to identify innovations by visiting the Inserm laboratories and then assessing their maturation and value creation potential. It supports them in their approaches used to protect their results, particularly in terms of submission of patents, offers them advice and directs them if needed towards other technologies or expertise. These are also the experts who are responsible for negotiating and contracting partnerships with the SATT in which Inserm is a shareholder, and institutional partners.

Funding of Collaboration Research

The FCR teams provides support to applicants in various collaborative research projects and industrial partnerships tender offers, thus throughout the project lifecycle. They also manage Inserm’s transverse programmes and support the long term sustainability of structuring projects run by Inserm.



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