As a private subsidiary of Inserm, Inserm Transfert manages economic and societal value creation and the transfer of knowledge from Inserm research laboratories to companies contributing to promote human health innovation.

As such it is responsible for Inserm’s second mission, “contributing […] to value creation of the  research results which it conducts or organises”. (Decree no.  2009-278 of 11 March 2009 modifying decree no. 83-975 of 10 November 1983 on the organisation and operation of the French National Health and Medical Research institute).

Inserm transfert covers Inserm’s three value creation and innovation missions:

  • Protecting and developing innovations from Inserm and its partners:
    • Creating economic and societal value for the benefit of Inserm innovations: detecting, assessing, positioning, protecting, financing proof of concept, orientating, funding, marketing/establishing partnerships;
    • Developing and co-designing innovations as far as the clinical stage;
    • Be a source of networking/relationships to allow for the emergence of projects;
  • Contributing to Inserm’s reputation and its overall worldwide excellence;
  • Contributing to research funding for Inserm and its partners

The company identifies and supports innovations from work conducted by the Inserm research teams working with those within the health industry.  It also includes specific assistance activities for researchers or clinicians on subjects related to clinical or translational research (cohort studies, public health, databases, etc.), firstly, by the construction and monitoring of collaborative research projects and secondly, by considering the unique positioning of Inserm in the French landscape of academic biomedical research. Inserm Transfert creates synergies by meetings researchers to understand the type and the potential of their work and and at the same time by listening to companies in order to identify their strategies and requirements for innovation.  Creating value for researchers’ work and assisting them in demonstrating the validity of their concept lie at the heart of Inserm Transfert’s mission.

Inserm and Inserm Transfert represent a worldwide reference point in terms of human health and life sciences innovation and in terms of good practice and technology transfer results.  The emphasis is placed particularly on medium and long term innovations with very long development times inherent to biological treatments or to biomarkers; patient stratification methods and diagnostic tests.

Inserm Transfert:

  • Identifies the possible potential of the research as early as possible and sets in place the tools, methods and support in order to create value and protect the initial results,
  • Analyses companies’ requests and contribute to optimal operational formulation by creating  a collaborative dynamic between public and private researchers,
  • Runs the research project maturation from submission of patents to proof of concept and taking on a proportion of the supportive investment for researchers,
  • Is a pioneer for the future in human health.

The company promotes and facilitates access to the expertise, discoveries and know-how of Inserm’s fundamental research or clinical teams.  It is the leading European biomedical academic research body and the second leading worldwide body behind the National Institute of Health (United States), in terms of the number of publications in journals of excellence.



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