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Enrich your pipeline

Through the invention declarations by inventors and “scouting” activity in Inserm laboratories, Inserm Transfert handles around 300 new invention disclosures and submits some 150 new patent applications annually on targets, products or methods for research and human health applications (therapeutic, diagnostic and medical devices fields). These new patents enrich a constantly growing portfolio covering the many treatment areas investigated within Inserm (oncology, infection, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, vaccine, cardiovascular, metabolism, neurology, ophthalmology, respiratory medicine, reproduction, dermatology etc.). These involve many therapeutic technological approaches (antibodies, peptides, recombinant proteins, cell and gene therapy, biomaterials, oligonucleotides and small molecules, etc.) and diagnostic approaches (biomarkers, patient stratification, precision medicine).

In addition to these patents which are available through licences, there are almost 300 proprietary materials and animal models distributed on a limited basis and governed by in-house or industrial applications (research products and reagents or, more specifically, diagnostic products).

To find out about our licensing opportunities on Patents, Proprietary Materials, Animal Models and Software, please contact our team:

Contact Diagnostic, Ultrasounds Contact Medical devices,Software&Research tools
Contact Oncology, Inflammation, Autoimmune diseases, Reproduction, Dermatlogy Contact Cardiovascular Illnesses and Metabolism, Gastroinstestinal, Pneumology
Contact Oncology-Neurology-Ophtalmology
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Boost your external innovation

Inserm’s translational research is a continuing source of innovation in terms of discovering new targets, experimental models, and new approaches to therapeutic or diagnostic interventions allowing for a better understanding of complex diseases.

  • Become a partner in Inserm Cross-cutting programs: these combine fundamental, translational, technological and clinical research approaches to meet the major scientific challenges on the subjects of ageing, the Microbiota and population Genomic Variability. Each project groups together exceptional, complementary teams in order to achieve ambitious objectives in partnership with companies, providing a continuum towards economic and societal value creation;
  • Co-construct your customised program: Inserm Transfert provides you with the expertise of a research clinician and access to patient cohorts to identify new targets and biomarkers for stratifying patients and/or testing the relevance of new treatment hypotheses in a collaborative research programme.


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